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The Kibitzer
Arts consultant Ted Wilson's musings on community theater organization and management.

Blank Stares and Glazed Eyes: It Must Be the Treasurer’s Report NEW!

Special Event Fundraising

Acting, Directing, Crew
Guns on Stage: The Use and Dangers of Guns in Performance
A must-read primer on using prop guns on stage. Covers safety issues, stage gun types, and links to suppliers.
The Top 10 Reasons You Didn't Get Cast
Common audition mistakes and how to avoid them
The Blue-Collar Director
Common-sense directing tips (that some directors tend to forget)
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bookholding (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Why this can be one of the most important jobs in the theater -- and how to do it right. By Linda Adam, Kent County Theatre Guild
The Director's Boot Camp
Know what you need to know before you direct
The Actor's Guide to Backstage Etiquette
What actors (and some crew members) don't know once they leave the stage
Set Design and Décor -- A 10-Step Program
Set design from first read of the script through opening night
The Best Cast Gifts Ever!
Creative solutions for closing night gifts
Plays and Playreading
Playreading Central
Share your reviews of scripts you've read.
The 3 R's of Playreading
How do you know if a play is right for your theater group?
2M. 2F. 3 F Extras:
Reading a Play Publisher's Catalog
Ever been confused by the abbreviations in a play publisher's catalog? Learn to decode some valuable information!
A Primer on Readers Theater
Fast, easy, inexpensive productions. By Doug Bechtel, President, The Actors Theater of Orcas Island
The Business of Community Theater
Donor-Initiated Fundraising
When someone wants to raise funds for your group, the outcome may not be what you expected. Here's how to avoid getting burned.
Directors and Officers Liability Insurance
Are your members protected?
Why a Non-Profit Theater Company?
What "non-profit" means to community theaters -- and to the IRS. By Doug Bechtel, President, The Actors Theater of Orcas Island
Generic Theater Bylaws
By popular request: sample theater bylaws -- download and modify to suit your group!
Should You Start Your Own Theater Company?
The answers aren't really as important as the questions...
13 Pitfalls of Community Theater
Optimal organization for your Board
Marketing Your Theater
Marketing on the Cheap, Part 1
Publicity ploys that work -- without costing a fortune
Part 2 of Marketing on the Cheap
Newspapers, press releases and paid advertising
Part 3 of Marketing on the Cheap
Playing the Radio game
Part 4 of Marketing on the Cheap
Playing the Web card


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