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What is Playreading Central?

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Every year, community theaters read tons of scripts, looking to put a successful season together. At our local theater, our playreading committee can read 75 or a hundred shows each year... and lemme tell ya, the descriptions in the catalogs don't always measure up. Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where we could share information on plays?

Welcome to Playreading Central! We've developed a database here where users can login and share their reviews of plays they've read and add new plays to the database. Visitors can also browse through the list without logging in and check the reviews.

If you would like to share your reviews of plays you have read, simply send an email with your name, preferred password and your theater name to We'll set up your login and send you a confirmation. If you would like to have members from your group add reviews, we can set you up as an administrator and allow you to maintain your own group's membership list.

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