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The Three R's of Playreading

Readin' It, Ratin' It and 'Ritin' It Up


Choosing a show for your group to put on can be done in a lot of different ways - some groups choose directors first, then allow them to pick the shows they want to direct, others let their Board, a playreading committee, or individual members nominate shows that directors can choose from, and for still others, it simply "happens" through a combination of all of the above. In my opinion, a playreading committee that selects and submits a list of plays to the Board offers both flexibility for the directors and quality control for the theater group - more about how this works for us a little later on. For now, let's take a look at how to pick a script and evaluate it for your theater group. When you're done, follow the links in Part 4 to download an evaluation form and a Microsoft Access 97 playreading database that you can use for your own group.

The information here is intended for evaluating "straight" shows, as opposed to musicals, since that's where my experience lies (although some of it may apply to reading and evaluating a musical as well).

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