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Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Bookholding and Were Always Afraid Someone Would Tell You

By Linda Adam

Kent County Theatre Guild, Dover, DE


Bookholding is one of the many behind-the-scenes tasks that help a community theater put on a quality show. It is an essential job, with the primary goals of helping actors learn their lines and keeping rehearsals productive. Bookholding is an especially good job for newcomers because with a little assistance, anyone can have a chance to learn the terminology and techniques of taking a play from first rehearsal to opening night.

What is a bookholder?

A bookholder is the person who reads along in the script during rehearsals. They have several duties, which may vary depending upon the director's expectations.

What does a bookholder do?

Different directors want their bookholders to do different things; it's best to discuss these expectations before rehearsals begin. Below are some of the standard bookholder tasks.

Read on for a discussion of each these areas.

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