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The Three R's of Playreading - Part 4

'Ritin' It Up

So you don't have to go out and reinvent the wheel, we've provided a link here for you to download a form that you can use both to evaluate a play and to report your findings.

The Playreading Form covers the areas talked about in the Ratin' It section of this article. We've provided both a blank form in PDF format that you can simply print out and photocopy, as well as a Microsoft Word 97 form that you can download and fill out on your computer (this is the one that I use - just fill in the blanks).

  • Playform.pdf, - PDF format. Perfect for printing out and filling in by hand, or for making photocopies for other playreading committee members.
  •, 42K-- Zipped Microsoft Word form with text boxes so you can fill it out on your computer!

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