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Name That Food!

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    Edible Cornish Game Hens - used in The Nerd

  • Face it, Cornish game hens are too expensive to purchase fresh for each production. Purchase four hens and cook them. In performance, arrange the hens on the downstage side of each plate, and place a small piece of fresh fried chicken (from your favorite fast-food chicken place) behind each hen. Allow the actors to eat the chicken but not the hens. Freeze the hens between performances; purchase fresh chicken each weekend. Your actors will love this one!

    Edible Creamed Herring - used in Hay Fever

  • Mix marshmallow cream with a little milk. Slice ordinary white bread and top it with the marshmallow cream and milk mixture. Warm in the microwave just before it goes on stage. (If you don't have a microwave, solicit one as a donation. It will get used more times than you can count, and actors really appreciate warm food!)

    Burned Chicken - used in The Odd Couple (Female Version)

  • Use wadded newspapers to make a chicken-esque form and finish off with papier-mache (strips of newspaper dipped in a glue and water mixture). When dry, cover with aluminum foil, letting the aluminum foil crinkle and fold as you smooth it down around the form (you want some texture). Paint the chicken with flat black paint.

    Splashable Guacomole - used in Bathroom Humor

  • Mix small-curd cottage cheese with a little water. Add green food coloring until you get close to the shade you want. Add a few drops of red to tone down the green. (Note: Food coloring will stain. The break-away pants used in this production should be dark-colored).


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