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Aladdin's Magic Carpet

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Topic: Aladdin's Magic Carpet
Posted By: Kim L.
Subject: Aladdin's Magic Carpet
Date Posted: 2/01/12 at 8:23am
I need a magic carpet for our upcoming show. The show is middle school and veto low-key. However the carpet is the one set piece that I thought I would put effort into. I cannot fly anything as I am performing in a cafe thorium. Right now, my plan is to put the carpet on a platform with wheels. I will probably only have the carpet a few inches off the floor so that it rolls on and off stage easily and does not roll too much when actors are on it.

Does this sound like the best plan?


Posted By: Kim L.
Date Posted: 2/01/12 at 8:24am
Auto-correct changed my above message. That was "very " low key .

And the other word is cafetorium. :(


Posted By: KiltedTechie
Date Posted: 11/20/12 at 8:47am
when we did this for Theatrics, I got my hands on a pair of wheelchair motors the actor drove it by joystick and the kids just loved it. if you go with castors alone, monkey or the genie could help push. but the kids are quite impressed when it is self powered. I have since used motors like those for 'Snoopy's flying doghouse" Frog and Toads sled, TV Mikes recliner, most recently for JoJo's Bathtub.
has postings of the tub and recliner. I cant share my video of the carpet because it includes the music. in the picture Bubba Likes you can see into the tub at how the motors are mounted. I planned to tap a local mobility company for use of the motors. in Aladdin you could thank them by marketing, the tag line, "Magic for the carpet provided by "X" if they can make a carpet fly what could they do for your loved ones?" I reach out alot to local business for loans and support. and the motors could always be returned after the show.

you never have to grow up when you live in neverland

Posted By: KiltedTechie
Date Posted: 11/21/12 at 11:09am
Kim I have uploaded a video of our carpet it is on my facebook page.

you never have to grow up when you live in neverland

Posted By: vickifrank
Date Posted: 11/23/12 at 9:19am
You can move the carpet to simulate flying....

...or you can move the background to simulate flying. 

So if you video project the background moving you can simulate carpet movement.

Or if you move the physical background you simulate movement.  Lets say that Bagdad is a cutout of luan or cardboard  played in silhouette against a starry sky and it shifts rightward and leftward, the carpet downstage of it will look like it moved.

A little wind in their hair, and swooshing sound effects and it becomes magical!


The theater scrim people

Posted By: Topper
Date Posted: 12/26/12 at 9:11pm
Another nice touch would be to attach fringe all around the edge of the platform, long enough to barely touch the floor. This will conceal the wheels and also add a nice fluttering effect when the platform moves.

"None of us really grow up. All we ever do is learn how to behave in public." -- Keith Johnstone

Posted By: rabbifrank
Date Posted: 12/28/12 at 12:44pm
Great ideas.

Posted By: jungle16jim
Date Posted: 1/22/13 at 8:28am
I just saw this done beautifully and simply. They brought out long blue strips of fabric and had people billow up the ends (like we frequently do for water) for the sky. Then, 4 of the larger boys had on matching blue hoodies and they did a "dance" with the 2 leads who sat on "carpet guys'" backs, stood on them, walked over the, and sat on their shoulders. A fog machine surrounded them with smoke to make it more magical. It was a great low-tech fix that freed the leads to move about during what can be a very static song. Poetic, visual, and clever. I loved it.

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