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Panel Auditions

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Topic: Panel Auditions
Posted By: hobbyactor
Subject: Panel Auditions
Date Posted: 1/11/12 at 12:44pm
Most of the auditions that I've attended for plays included cold readings of scenes with the auditionees taking on the various roles.
I've attended just a couple of auditions where the auditions were conducted privately, with one auditionee reading sides in front of a panel of the production staff.  In these cases, the auditionee read one character, while one or more members of the panel read the other roles.
Here's my question.  When I am reading with other auditionees I play the part against them--talking to them, looking at them, as appropriate.  I'm never quite sure how to play when I'm in front of a panel since the person I'm responding to is not beside me, but seated in front of me.  Specifically, where do I look?

Posted By: edh915
Date Posted: 1/11/12 at 3:19pm
If you're reading lines with a person, look at that person.  It doesn't matter that they're in front of you as opposed to next to you.  Since half of acting is reacting, it doesn't make sense not to engage the person(s) to whom you are speaking. (IMHO)

Posted By: Majicwrench
Date Posted: 1/11/12 at 4:18pm
 I agree. Look at whoever is feeding you lines.

Posted By: hobbyactor
Date Posted: 11/27/12 at 11:17am
So here's a slightly different twist on the scenario that I first asked about.
I went to an audition last night that was conducted in a pretty large theatre.  The auditionees were given sides to read.  A small group was taken into the theatre at one time. When your number was called, you went to the center of the stage to introduce yourself and read your sides.  The person reading the other part was pretty far back in the 'audience'.   Obviously a moot point now, but where should I have focused my lines?  In the general direction of the person that I could hardly see way out there in theatre?  That seemed to be what the two other people in my group were doing, so at least I didn't make a total fool of myself! Tongue

Posted By: edh915
Date Posted: 11/27/12 at 5:06pm
Sounds like you did right. In the situation you've outlined here, the lines should be addressed to the general audience area. Not the specific person in the back of the theater who is reading the lines, but more toward the center of the audience, about three feet above where the audience's heads would be. In other words, think more in terms of delivering a Shakespearean soliloquy and speak the lines to the entire audience as though it were an individual entity.

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