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Corpse Bride suggestions

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Topic: Corpse Bride suggestions
Posted By: aarontcan
Subject: Corpse Bride suggestions
Date Posted: 10/25/10 at 3:44pm
I'm doing Corpse Bride for a play at my school and I need set suggestions. Our stage is really simple (and when I say simple I mean REALLY simple). We don't even have a curtain system or anything like that; just a stage, lights, and minimal space to house props and set pieces when they're not in use. Basically we need three scenes: Land of the Living, Land of the Dead, and a forest. What I had in mind was for Land of the Living we could have - if you're familiar with the movie by Tim Burton - on one side flats representing the Van Dort's house, flats on the other side of the stage for the Everglot's, and then a fish market/shop in the middle. For Land of the Dead I was thinking that we could just throw in some 'dead' props and have green lights shining in through the windows of the houses and shop, but a suggestion was brought up to have the Land of the Dead have a bar (since in the movie most of the action there takes place in the bar). For the forest we have some faux trees we could throw on stage and maybe have a backdrop that we could rig up somehow... but I really need some suggestions. What should I do? Should I have the pieces on wheels so I could rotate the shop/houses so they could just be spun and it would change the scene? I'm at a complete loss because it'd have to be very quick scene changes. It goes from LotL to LotD to Forest to LotD to Forest to LotL to Forest to LoD and so on... they're quick changes so it can't be too much of a scene change.

Posted By: vickifrank
Date Posted: 10/25/10 at 5:03pm
Have you considered using projection to project these scenes?  If you can use rear projection onto a scrim, you don't have shadows from the actors.  But you can also use silhouettes and shadow projections to create other scenes. Gobo projections can create your trees. 
The scrim I'm talking about is very lightweight much lighter than a typical drop which will make it easier to hang.  If you are interested in this approach call me, because the company that I work from does rent scrims...and sell as well, even in smaller sizes.


The theater scrim people

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