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special body mics for South Pacific?

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Topic: special body mics for South Pacific?
Posted By: alwill
Subject: special body mics for South Pacific?
Date Posted: 11/20/09 at 9:09am
We are gearing up for "South Pacific".. I have two puzzles dealing with body mics. 
 #1---Nellie enters the shower and sings while washing her hair.
She exits the shower very wet and continues the song, she still has body mic.  Are there waterproof body mics or is there some trick to this.
#2---Cable goes around most of the show with no shirt.  Invisible body mics?
Thanks guys

Lake City Community Theatre

Posted By: bmiller025
Date Posted: 11/20/09 at 10:58pm
Does Nellie have to actually get wet? I am from colder climes in the US, and have never actually gotten the actress wet in that scene in the productions I have been involved with.

One option would be a tight focus area mic picking her up at a distance sufficient to avoid getting wet, focused on the shower.

Re: Cable, they make (sorta) flesh toned microphones for wireless lavaliers, or you can tape the long cable up his body, and paint over the tape with skin tones.  


Posted By: Gaafa
Date Posted: 11/21/09 at 6:58pm
Every time I have done Soth Pathetic we have never used radio mics? If reinforcement is needed, this is done normally with boundry, chorus or shotgun mics.
 The only thing I use with on radio body packs is a condom, which shields against body swet, which is corrosive.
Maybe all the Luvvies need to be taught & learn how to project thier vioces. From the diaphram & out of the parrots beak.

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Posted By: lighthouse
Date Posted: 11/24/09 at 5:19pm
Last time we did this show Nellie's mike was in her robe (for that scene) & she was singing as part of the ensemble when she was actually getting wet & the robe was on the hook.

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