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Topic: Membership
Posted By: joro
Subject: Membership
Date Posted: 3/22/09 at 9:30pm
Our board is having a discussion on whether our annual memberships should run from Sept 1 to Aug 31st to correspond with our season or January 1 to Dec 31st to make book keeping easier. We have decided to do research on what other theaters do before we make our decision. I would appreciate everyones input.

Posted By: MartyW
Date Posted: 3/23/09 at 8:20am
Our season runs from June to May... Our annual membership meeting is at the end of the season in May.  It is at that time that we take your old card (which gets you a drink at the bar) and collect new dues and issue new cards.. So in our case, I guess you would say it follows the season.. It also comes close to the end of our fiscal year as well....

Marty W

"Till next we trod the boards.."

Posted By: SpenceKenzer
Date Posted: 3/23/09 at 2:04pm
Our CT's season and fiscal year runs July 1 thru June 30, as do our memberships.  Our actual season performances & events run September thru June, with July & August as our hiatus or pre-season time.

Our last year's members renew their memberships in July & August, and memberships go on sale to new members starting after Labour Day in September.

We have our Annual General Meeting for all members on the Tuesday right after Labour Day in September (legally we're required to have it within 90 days of the end of our fiscal year).

We found having memberships run on exactly the same calendar as the season and the fiscal year was the only SANE way for us to do things.  I'd recommend that your memberships should run on the same dates as your season.

Saludos, my dahlinks, and you know who you are ... !

Posted By: chel
Date Posted: 3/23/09 at 4:52pm
We have memberships renew in July.  That's about the end of the old season and the beginning of the new; we start our season with a summer musical.


Posted By: janetk
Date Posted: 3/24/09 at 11:22am
Our season runs from September  - May.  We are dark in the summer.  We found that too many people are gone during the summer.  Our membership dues are due in September.  Our fundraising campaign begins in September, of course we work on it during the summer months.

Posted By: John Luzaich
Date Posted: 5/13/09 at 6:02pm

We've experimented with moving all of these dates and times around over 32 years.  We were using money from one fiscal year to pay bills in a different fiscal year.  We finally decided to have our fiscal year start on April 1 and start selling season tickets April 1.  Our first production of our season is June.  We're taking in season revenue in April, May, June and individual admission ticket sale revenue in June and then paying all of our bills (in June and July) after that revenue comes in.  Our next plays are August, October, December, February.  So our season is done by March of the following year and we're paying all of the bills before the new fiscal year starts again in April.  The only thing we pay "out of turn" or early, is royalties.

Our season ticket push is built around the first play in June and our individual fund raising campaign is built around the third play of our season in October.


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