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Topic: Musical
Posted By: midgetking111
Subject: Musical
Date Posted: 1/17/09 at 10:30pm
If I had to do another musical it would either be Beauty and the Beast or Sweeney Todd.

Mystery of the Suffocated 7th Grader-Perry Paulson

Willy Wonka Junior-Grandpa George

Air Uganda-Swami Ramblenonada

James and the Giant Peach-James Trotter

Throughly Modern Millie-Bun Foo

Posted By: kaelidancer
Date Posted: 1/19/09 at 4:50pm
I voted Sweeney, because I did it last year!

...and I've no real desire to direct any of the others on the list.

Now CHESS, on the other hand... :)

Kaeli Gardner
Johnson City Community Theatre - -

Posted By: chelserin
Date Posted: 1/19/09 at 6:41pm
Can I say, without getting booed off the boards, that I am SOOO tired of High School Musical. I know it puts butts in seats, but the novelty has definitely worn off.....

To be in the world, and of the world, and never to stand aside and watch.

Posted By: imamember
Date Posted: 1/19/09 at 7:02pm
Sweeny Todd was done just this past fall.

Annie is scheduled for next fall and HSM2 is scheduled for this summer.

Posted By: tristanrobin
Date Posted: 1/19/09 at 8:04pm
I voted "Sweeny" because I couldn't stand to sit through rehearsals for yet another production of "Peter Pan" or "Annie" - and I wouldn't be able to take rehearsals for even one production of HSM" or "Beauty and the Beast." I don't know "Willy Wonka Junior" - or Senior, either, for that matter. But I don't like kiddie musicals, so I probably wouldn't care for it.

I agree with kaelidancer - "CHess" all the way!

Posted By: whitebat
Date Posted: 2/23/09 at 10:03pm

Well, that I know of we've never had a production of "Sweeney Todd" here.  But I'm not sure we've got many singers who'd be up to it.

I guess it's been nearly 10 years since they did "Annie".  I might go for that, if we got to do the "Hooverville" song.

I think special effects have spoiled a lot of audiences for watching "Peter Pan".  I remember a production of "101 Dalmations" that had audience participation, but I think only pretty young kids would go for that now.

I think HSM is overexposed, so I'd avoid that one.  And "Willy Wonka Jr." is clipped and doesn't follow the book (I haven't actually seen it though).

If I had an unlimited casting pool and large budget, my musical of choice right now would be "Paint Your Wagon".  The songs are great, it's not too well known (other than "They Call the Wind Maria" and "I was Born Under a Wandering Star").  There is a large cast, mostly men.


Posted By: whitebat
Date Posted: 2/23/09 at 10:07pm

I forgot to mention... our HS did "Beauty and the Beast" not long ago.

I'd also like to do a production of "Cats".  The staging would be very different from what's usually seen.  The source is really "Ol' Possum's Book of Practical Cats" by T.S. Eliot.  It's a series of sketches, one for each cat.  It can be interpreted as being as much about people as cats.

I'd have the actors wear clothing appropriate to their character if that character was human, and probably cat ears and tails.  The set would probably be sort of minimalist.

I think it would be a flop, but I'd be happy.

Posted By: janetk
Date Posted: 2/24/09 at 8:54am
Could not stand to do HSM.  But Sweeney Todd would be wonderful and I am all for Chess.  Recentlyl we have done some musicals that are not huge but are very good, ie..Don't Hug Me, A...My Name is Alice, Spitfire Grill.  Of course, we have also done the big ones...Damn Yankees, Into the Woods and more.  Next year we are looking at Suessical.

Posted By: David McCall
Date Posted: 2/24/09 at 10:27am
Annie might be a great choice right now. It might be reassuring to people to hear a president express a positive attitude. God knows that we all hope that the sun will come out eventually.

Posted By: doublezero420
Date Posted: 3/11/09 at 11:28am
Interesting that you put 5 shows aimed mainly at kids and only one for adults.


“One of my chief regrets during my years in the theater is that I could not sit in the audience and watch me” -John Barrymore

Posted By: SpenceKenzer
Date Posted: 3/12/09 at 3:04pm
I've been in the cast of "Sweeny..." (Pirelli/Fogg) and "Beauty..." (Cogsworth) and "Annie..." (Daddy Warbucks); never seen the stage version of HSM, Pan, or Wonka.

I'd do "Sweeny..." again in a heartbeat!

"Chess"?  YES!  I'd love to!

Yes, I, too, found it curious that 5 of 6 shows listed in the poll were "family" or "G-rated" shows, and only 1 was "Adult".  (Well... 2 if you include the addition of "Chess".)

I'm guessing you're 'shopping around' for a show for your CT to do?  We've found that "Fiddler on the Roof" and "Anne of Green Gables" have been guaranteed successes for our community.

Saludos, my dahlinks, and you know who you are ... !

Posted By: David McCall
Date Posted: 3/12/09 at 3:25pm

If you have a good adult base that tends to come for adult shows then they might make sense. However, in these times the prevailing wisdom is that people are more likely to spend money to bring their kids to a show, than the would to hire a babysitter and come to an adult show.

We tried to get away from doing so many child friendly shows and have been paying for it since.

David M

Posted By: chel
Date Posted: 3/13/09 at 5:17pm
We have a fantastic set designer who would do amazing things for Sweeney Todd.  I'd do that show in a heart beat (in it, direct it, props, anything)
We almost scheduled Annie for this summer's musical but couldn't get the rights, so we'll be doing Cinderella instead.  We really needed a family show this summer to keep up with the economy pitfalls.


Posted By: jcf0mtr
Date Posted: 3/30/09 at 10:01am
I HATE Annie.   It is so sweet you need an insulin shot after seeing it.    BUT, it packs in the audiance.    Sometime $'s outweight artistic value.   If $'s were not an issue, Sweeney Todd is my preference.

Pembroke Pines Theatre of the Performing Arts

Posted By: bethanypithan
Date Posted: 11/29/09 at 4:08pm
I would do Peter Pan. EVERYONE know peter pan. It is a show ALL ages. It is one of those shows you go to just because you know it and loved it as a child.

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