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Revisiting a role

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Topic: Revisiting a role
Posted By: tdsands
Subject: Revisiting a role
Date Posted: 6/30/07 at 8:57pm
I was just reading the responses to a problem someone had with a fellow actor and the subject of playing a role you have already played came up.
This got me to thinking about past roles I've played and if I would play them again.  I certainly think that I wouldn't want to with some, but there are others I think I could do differently. After all, I think with all new cast members playing the other characters, the entire dynamic would change, altering my responses.
I have never "revisited" a role before so I don't know if it would be positive or negative. Any thoughts?

tdsands @ NRT

Posted By: bobbyd
Date Posted: 6/30/07 at 10:26pm
I have done a few parts more then once . It was because I loved the roles so much . You are right it is different with different actors ( even with some the same in some of my cases ) and though I would do them again and I had still fun the second ( or third) time around , the experience RARELY equals the original . Though with more time in between maybe . Though also of note they all have been comedies for me , so maybe the "discovery" aspect would be greater at least for me in a drama , I don't know . Don't rule it out until you've done it yourself , and see first hand

Bob , Willow Grove , Pa

Posted By: bobbyd
Date Posted: 6/30/07 at 10:49pm
p.s. I never acted like that one actor that was mentioned as trying to directed it himself Smile
and an after thought , there are some roles which I have not done again , that , as a much more experienced actor , would love to try and tacke another time  ... if I knew then type of thing .

Bob , Willow Grove , Pa

Posted By: POB14
Date Posted: 7/02/07 at 9:11am
I chose "only certain roles," really meaning "under certain conditions."
I started all this, I guess . . . the role I repeated was within two years of doing it the first time; the one I turned down was almost back-to-back.
I'd repeat several of the roles I've done, given enough time in between and the right circumstances.  I haven't had the issue come up in quite a while.

Old Bugger, Curmudgeon, and Antisocial B**tard

Posted By: pdavis69
Date Posted: 7/13/07 at 2:32pm
I've had the joy of playing Charlie in The Forigner twice.  Given the chance I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  I have also played Mr. McAffee in Bye Bye Birdie twice and wild horses couldn't make me do that again. 

Patrick L. Davis
Fort Findlay Playhouse

Posted By: John Luzaich
Date Posted: 2/29/08 at 3:43pm
I've performed the same play, but in different roles in defferent theatres in different years.  Which really is fun and keeps things alive.  Each was so very fdifferent than the other.  I performed the role of Charles Dickens in a community Theatre production of A Christmas Carol and played four different parts in the Guthrie Theater's 20th anniversary production of the same play.
I think it's great for an actor to do that as long as you keep an open mind and are really into your current production, not reliving the former.  I've been involved in shows where an actor has done the show before and have heard a million times "well, the way we did it before was blah, blah, blah". 


Posted By: chel
Date Posted: 5/01/08 at 11:21am
I would perform Carrie Pipperidge in Carousel again in a heartbeat.  None of my other roles were ever as much fun and fitted me like a glove.


Posted By: B-M-D
Date Posted: 5/07/08 at 12:46pm

I've only reprised one role and even then it was as favor to a director.   Very few roles that I'd consider repeating, maybe Oscar in the Odd Couple (though I don't know if I could remember that much dialog ever in my life again) and Louie in Lost In Yonkers. 


"Dying is easy, comedy is hard."

Posted By: midgetking111
Date Posted: 1/17/09 at 10:03pm

Out of all the three shows I've been in so far, the only one I would consider reprising Grandpa George in Willy Wonka Junior.

Mystery of the Suffocated 7th Grader-Perry Paulson

Willy Wonka Junior-Grandpa George

Air Uganda-Swami Ramblenonada

James and the Giant Peach-James Trotter

Throughly Modern Millie-Bun Foo

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