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Shows per year

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Topic: Shows per year
Posted By: doublezero420
Subject: Shows per year
Date Posted: 6/28/07 at 3:23am
Just curious as to what the average number of shows is for community theaters.

Posted By: red diva
Date Posted: 6/30/07 at 1:26pm
Just started doing 7 this season....5 Main Stage and 2 Second Stage.

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Posted By: POB14
Date Posted: 7/02/07 at 9:08am
Well, I screwed that up . . . before reading Red Diva's post, I thought the question had to do with how many shows we AS INDIVIDUALS do, not the theatre's season.  The theatres I'm involved with do 5-6 non-children's shows per year, so I should have picked that one.  I actually picked 1-2, which is how many I do. 

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Posted By: txhern
Date Posted: 12/15/07 at 4:11am
We've only been able to do as many shows as we do because we just now have enough qualified people to direct that many. When we started it was only 1 or 2 shows a year because we only had that many that could direct.

Posted By: MartyW
Date Posted: 12/18/07 at 11:51am
We do 5 main stage shows that are part of our regular patron package then we do either one or two "second stage" shows that are usually more for us... more risky or cutting edge type.

Marty W

"Till next we trod the boards.."

Posted By: Ken W
Date Posted: 1/30/08 at 12:47pm
We are a small theater and as such only have one stage.  We do 5 shows a year, 2 musicals and 3 straight plays.

Posted By: John Luzaich
Date Posted: 2/26/08 at 12:05pm
We produce a four play season and a fifth show in late summer.  That fifth is either a comedy, a musical, a concert, a variety show - it changes every year.  Also, we own our own building and are a 500 seat year round operation so we have time on our calendar to do many other things that include renting the space.  We also do some presenting of a small artist series.  The presenting events help to supplement our revenues.  Some of those have included some big band stuff like Buddy Morrow & the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra and Larry O'Brien & the Glenn Miller Orchestra.  Folk music has been very successful too.  We have presented Leo Kottke, Greg Brown with Pieta Brown & Bo Ramsey, Roger McGuinn (former lead singer and songwriter for The Byrds).  The great thing about the presenting and rentals is that we're getting people in our venue that do not normally come to the theatre.  Once they've been here, many of them come back for one of our own plays.


Posted By: landon2006
Date Posted: 3/23/08 at 7:39pm
3 Musicals a year is our plan... All Directed & Choreographed by myself.


Posted By: chel
Date Posted: 5/01/08 at 11:14am
The big musical is in the summer.
There is a smaller musical either late fall or early spring.
A community chorus concert.
And 3 or 4 straight plays. 


Posted By: stagechild
Date Posted: 5/16/08 at 2:23pm
Each year my theatre does 1 big full-scale musical or production, 1 night of Halloween Plays, 1 or 2 Children's Plays and 8-12 plays in a One Act Festival. This means that yearly we do 10-16 productions

Posted By: spikesgirl
Date Posted: 5/23/08 at 12:38pm
We do six main stage, one second stage and then host three high school productions (that we provide tech and FoH support for.
It's getting to the point of where our theater is so full, we are considering buidling another theater just to house more shows and add more seats.
Growth is good, but a little scary!

Posted By: MartyW
Date Posted: 5/27/08 at 8:17am
Wow... what a terrible problem to have.... We should all be cursed like that..

Marty W

"Till next we trod the boards.."

Posted By: imamember
Date Posted: 1/09/09 at 12:14pm
We generally do 2 plays (comedy and drama) and 2 musicals (old standby and new) a season. Plus we have a teen summer musical and during the normal season we have 2 kid shows, a play and a musical.

If it can be fit in we try to do a cabaret and a weekend of one acts as well.

I consider it quite a bit.

Posted By: kaelidancer
Date Posted: 1/09/09 at 3:36pm
Back when I started working at my current theatrical home, we did 5 shows every year, beginning in early spring and finishing up around Christmas.  That meant, at the time, that we had the winter months to do necessary repairs, remodeling, and general tidying.

Now, though, we've added a show and we now do six every year, so it's sometimes a pain to keep things organized in, say, the wood shop, while simultaneously rummaging through it for that Window Flat you could swear you saw just the other day... :)

But it works pretty well, and does provide some extra income in what was otherwise a dark period.

Kaeli Gardner
Johnson City Community Theatre - -

Posted By: SpenceKenzer
Date Posted: 2/12/09 at 10:57am
Our community is just under 200,000 in size.
Our community theater company has been in continuous operation since 1926.
Currently, we do 8 shows per season, as follows:
1 season-opening, fundraiser gala show (2 nights)
5 main stage shows - full-length plays (4 nights each)
2 one-act plays cabarets - 2 to 6 short plays or sketches (2 nights each)

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Posted By: divewench
Date Posted: 11/20/09 at 1:52pm
We do eight full productions with four week runs (Fri-Sun, Wed-Sun, Wed-Sun, Wed-Sat).  We used to do ten shows a year with three-week runs, but then sanity prevailed.  We just added a season opener fundraiser this year and we usually also do a fundraiser to benefit our theatre scholarship program -

Posted By: Gaafa
Date Posted: 11/20/09 at 7:34pm
They do 6 seasons/year with a Playwright competition chucked in. With the group I just jioned in the last few months, after moving from the other side of the Swan river. -

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