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The Full Monty!

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Topic: The Full Monty!
Posted By: Act_1
Subject: The Full Monty!
Date Posted: 9/10/06 at 12:48pm
Hi, everyone! We are considering doing The Full Monty!!
I was just wondering if anybody had any set suguestions. In productions I've seen It was "the factory" set, and when the scene changed the set pieces (ex. bed rooms, car, bathroom, strip club) magicaly glided on and off stage. I like this idea and thinking of using it. But I don't know how the  set pieces  go on and off stage.
Here is what I do know:
I went to an audition at the theater I saw one of the productions at. As I walked on stage for my audition I saw the bed just off stage where it entered through. Behind the bed was a motor with a cable wraped around it. The cable then dissapered into the ground. While I was on stage doing my audition I noticed a skinny long strip running along the ground with the said "cable" in it.
So what I am asking is, can anyone tell me how you think they got the set pieces to go strait, How they attached the different set pices to the "cable", How big of a motor they needed, Or anything eles you can think of (including things not related to set design, and input on shows you've seen is greately appreacated)
P.S.- sorry if this is a stupid question and makes no sense at all!

Posted By: Gaafa
Date Posted: 9/11/06 at 12:42am
I never had anything to do with either the ?Full Monty? or ?Girls Night Out?.
However the cameo insets would have been trucked, not having done a motorised one. But the only with a counter weighted winch, normally a spigot on the skirt of the truck, is dropped into a receptacle [rabbit] affixed onto a wire cable running from one side of the stage to the other. The cable is set under a false stage & the rabbit runs along a slot set into it. The cable is operated via pulleys to a winch at one end. The castors on the truck are the fixed non swivel type, when the spigot is dropped into the rabbit the truck is winched off or on.
It is possible to motorise this via the wire cable, but there would be a noise factor to consider, unless it can be  covered by chase music.
You can just use a truck with a yoke on the off stage side. The yoke is just 3 x 1 or similar pine timber, made up flat as a ?T? piece, with either keystones or angle brackets to hold the cross piece. The cross piece of the ?T? is hinged to the plinth of the truck, so it will lie flat on the stage & be lifted to push or pull the truck.
Also the yoke can also be set so it will jam on the wheals of the castors & act as a brake, when it lays flat on the stage. The edge of the cross piece which engages the tyre of the wheels should be bevelled slightly, to save doing any damage. The yoke is painted the same colour as the stage deck & normally it is good practice for a Tech/stage hand to stand on it off stage, if it is possible.
The yoke will move the truck easily & the fixed castors will keep it straight in both directions.

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