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Topic: sponsors
Posted By: jfox
Subject: sponsors
Date Posted: 11/09/05 at 4:13pm
We have started a new community theatre group in our town, it is right outside of Memphis, TN - but still considered by many to be a small town, and very church driven. We have only done 3 productions this year and are still a very new group. We use city property and have formed an association with our town's arts and recreation department to have space to perform. Our group wants to offer local businesses sponsorship of our shows, which is a wonderful idea.  However, the 1st business that our operations director approached was a liquor store.  I have voiced concern that this may not be a good idea and that some of the churches and community may not like a liquor store sponsoring a community event. And with the town's government involved, may lead to bad press, and be bad for them as well.  Some members of our board keep arguing that it will be OK because Theatres in Memphis have liquor stores sponsor their shows all the time. Has anyone else been faced with this problem? How do I convince them that problems could arise from having a liquor store sponsor a show, and could hurt us when we are so new?  Does anyone have policies in place with your theatre about who can and can't be a sponsor (ie -sponsorship can not be from liquor stores, bars, strip clubs, etc.)?

Posted By: looking2bcast
Date Posted: 11/09/05 at 5:47pm
Our theater is in a very small logging/fishing town in OR and it is very conservative and also very religious. However, we handle sponcers on a show by show basis. We have the businesses sponcer the royalties to the show instead of the theatre itself. Then you can tailor the sponcer to the show for example we just did The White Rose and it was sponcered by our local newspaper because it was about college students that take on Hitler with nothig but the printed word.  Then we are doing Rocky Horror in February and it is being sponcered by an adult book store. Then we have sponcers that we know would be good for the children shows etc. We have also had the local casino and bars that sponcer other shows. The public seems to take it better when it follows the theme of the show. Look at it this way Jimmy Buffett sells out no matter where he goes and his major sponcer is Corona Extra and Margaritaville taquilla.    

Posted By: 75director
Date Posted: 11/09/05 at 7:49pm

LOL having and adult book store sponsor "Rocky Horror" that's funny

To the main question though, we have production sponsors for all our shows.  We're a small town as well and haven't had any problem or concerns about who sponsors our productions.  Of course we don't plaster their name above the title or anything either.  Program ad, tags on show advertising etc.  We normally have a waiting list of companies to sponsor shows, and typcially it's all the banks in the area and then some larger companies that have employees who actively participate in the program.  Sponsors don't have any input or connection with the show besides their acknowledgements.  There doesn't seem to me to be any kind of connection in the public's mind that whoever sponsors the show somehow reflects on the theatre and vice versa

But if you feel uncomfortable taking money from certain businesses then don't.  But from a fund raising stand point, I say take the money and run!   

Posted By: Gaafa
Date Posted: 11/09/05 at 8:57pm
 Test the waters with the local government flunky?s & ask the question?
The mere fact that your town has a liquor store, I doubt that it is completely temperate. You will probably find that the town hall & councillors have a bar & are not adverse to having a tipple at meetings & events.
We are in the same position as you being a new theatre group, except we don?t worry about any thing religious or being politicly correct. But I can see this might be a fear of the unknown of bad press, but I think it is how your group presents it, as suggested by 75Director.
We are sponsored by a Liquor store & even supply free complimentary drinks to all the punters at every show.
You could try this as a complimentary gesture before your show & test if there is any back lash. But I think in your situation it may be more appropriate, as suggested, to keep it line with the type of production your doing!

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turn right @ Perth.
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May you always play
to a full house}

Posted By: Topper
Date Posted: 11/10/05 at 4:50pm
"Then we are doing Rocky?Horror in February and it
is being sponcered by an adult?book store."

looking2bcast has inspired me to begin searching
out sponsors for our shows that will be appropriate
for each one.

"Cats" -- Petsmart
"Death of a Salesman" -- Marshall Fields
"Chicago" -- Dial L-A-W-Y-E-R-S
"Bus Stop" -- Greyhound
"Same Time, Next Year" -- Ramada Inn
"12 Angry Men" -- Zoloft

I'm sure the creative people who visit this forum
could come up with more on their own. Who would
you have sponsor your current (or favorite) show?

"None of us really grow up. All we ever do is learn how to behave in public." -- Keith Johnstone

Posted By: castMe
Date Posted: 11/10/05 at 5:43pm
I have some work to do as our next production is "Best Little Whorelhouse in Texas"   LOL

Investigate. Imagine. Choose.

Posted By: looking2bcast
Date Posted: 11/10/05 at 7:37pm
Haha yeah that might be a tough one.

Posted By: looking2bcast
Date Posted: 11/10/05 at 7:43pm
ooohhhh I know linens and things :)

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