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i need some advice

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Topic: i need some advice
Posted By: Julien
Subject: i need some advice
Date Posted: 11/07/05 at 1:45pm

I do technical work for about 4 different theatre organizations, and manage the technical logistics of a fifth.  I know how to do things, and I work by the book, making sure things are safe, and will stay that way.  I think that may be because I have been working with someone who is really really experienced, and he's rewired my brain to the idea of, do it right, or dont do it!



One of the companies that I work for is totally non-profit, and they need all the money that they can get because they are always strapped for cash. 

This company is NOTORIOUS for never doing any of its techincal work up to par, and doing a sort of shoddy job of it.  This drives me insane, and I was wondering how can I approach people at this company and showing them the right way to do stuff?


any ideas are welcome, especially if anyone knows of any cheap ways of different effects, or anyhting like that

Posted By: Linda S
Date Posted: 11/07/05 at 3:17pm

Two thoughts: Could you find someone in the organization that you can take on as an apprentice and instill the same ideas that your mentor did for you? It may not be feasible to change the company's whole way of doing things all at once, but small steps may get you what you want.

Then there is always looking for an opportunity. I got one theater to invest in new lights when their homemade striplights caught on fire. Instead of repairing them I was very vocal about the dangers of that real situation. They didn't get all of their lights at once, but slowly every year they bought more equipment and now they have a very nice system.

Good luck.




Posted By: Shatcher
Date Posted: 11/08/05 at 10:58am

I find that a lot of high schools have this problem and let me tell ya these kids are in for a world of hurt if they act that way on a profressional theatre or even their college theatre.Maybe bring in a guest speaker who talks about htis kind of stuff. Maybe the teacher and sutdents will learn something. As for rebuilding of props they will learn fast if something is not there. don't prep the theatre for the next run through and see if they like running around looking for every little thing.

Good Luck!

Posted By: Shatcher
Date Posted: 11/08/05 at 10:59am
sorry worng topic. I would point out any code violations and make sure they know they can be shut down for that kind of thing!

Posted By: Gaafa
Date Posted: 11/08/05 at 7:13pm
 Try instigating stagecraft workshops, this may help, even with the performers.
Unfortunately this is probably why the group are cash strapped & could be reflected in a lack of punters or  the prices they can charge the BOS?s?
You might need to take them in hand & stop them handling themselves!
There are heaps of ways & means of gaining workable equipment, cheaply & is effective & utilised properly.

Western Gondawandaland
turn right @ Perth.
Hear the light & see the sound.
Toi Toi Toi Chookas {{"chook [chicken] it is"}
May you always play
to a full house}

Posted By: Topper
Date Posted: 11/08/05 at 10:39pm
Every theater in my town is visited regularly by the city
or county Fire Marshal who makes certain everything
is safe and up to code.

If the FM finds something unsafe or potentially
hazardous, he has no compunction about shutting
the place down until things are put right.

One brand new theater in our city had to delay the
opening night of its inaugral show for two weeks
until the Fire Marshal was satisfied that the place
was safe for both actors and audiences.

While phoning up and ratting out your theater might
be an extreme measure, the mere mention of "Fire
Marshal" to the powers that be is usually enough to
warrant positive action.

"None of us really grow up. All we ever do is learn how to behave in public." -- Keith Johnstone

Posted By: B-M-D
Date Posted: 11/10/05 at 12:34pm

I would have a serious talk with them about the very real safety issues.  If they don't show any interest in compliance or if they put it off I'd simply "drop a dime" on them to whatever local authority is responsible for code enforcement.   I guarantee that will get their attention and they will either do something about it or be shut down as they should be. 

I don't think you can afford to be nice, pollitically correct, or educate short term when it comes to safety.




"Dying is easy, comedy is hard."

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