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bullet Topic: Sample Contracts
    Posted: 10/03/07 at 3:07pm

The CT that I manage is producing our first big musical and we are in the process of hiring a Musical Director, Choreographer, Musicians, and Designers.  Iím looking for a sample of contracts used when hiring theatre professionals (I tend to think of anyone talented and dedicated to theatre as a professional, but that post has been explored before) to get an idea of how to put one together. Iím not expecting legal advice and understand that the contract would probably not be legally binding, I just want an agreement on paper. Thanks for you help.

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Linda S

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bullet Posted: 10/03/07 at 3:54pm
I don't have a copy of a contract, but the ones I sign say that I will be the artistic director for the show. It gives the dates of auditions and the dates of the show and the amount of the stipend. I sign it. The producer signs it, and we both get copies. It is very simple.
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bullet Posted: 10/03/07 at 9:30pm
First off, any signed agreement between two parties is legal and binding in a court of law.  I've seen formal contracts to a napkin being used as agreements.
Basically, what you need to say is:
AGREEMENT made this ________ between _____________ (hereinafter referred to as "Musical Director" and the ___________, (hereinafter referred to as "The Theater Board").
The Theater Board hereby engages the Musical Director, and the Musical Director agrees to perform the engagement hereinafter provided, upon all terms and conditions herein set forth.
6.  BILLING:  The Musical Director will receive billing in (all advertisments, flyers, banners, etc.)
7.  PAYMENT:  All payments shall be made to ___________, and shall be paid as follows:
8.  HOLD HARMLESS:  The Musical Director shall hold the Theater Board and the Theater Company harmless for all calims for all damages (including reasonable attorney's fee) incurred by The Theater Board as a result of a claim or proof that the Musical Director's participation shall have been without authorization, defamatory, or otherwise interfering witht the rights of, or injuring any individual or entity.
9.  VENUE:  The Musical Director shall comply with all rules and regulations and orders of gevernmental authorities (including nondiscrimintation agreements), and including all laws, rules, regulations and contracts regarding labor as are applicable to operations contemplated under this Agreement.
10.  FORCE MAJEURE:  In the event that any appearance under this Agreement shall be prevented by force majeure (including but not limited to acts of God, storm, fire, the acts or regulations or governmental agencies or public authorities or labor unions, labor difficulties, lockout, strike, civil disobedience, war , riot, blackout, fuel or power shortage, air raid alamr, air raid, acot of public enemy, or epidemic, but specifically not including, as to the Musical Director, interruption or delay of transportation service), the parties shall be relieved of their respective obligations under the Agreement that are prevented thereby, and teh financial obligations of The Company Board shall be reduced equitably as determined in the sole but reasonable discretion of The Theater Company, taking into account (but not based solely upon) reductions inrevenues suffered by The Theater Company in connection with the evento fo force majeure and the Musical Director's nonperformance resulting therefrom.
11.  COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENTS:  The Musical Director performance will not violate any copyrights held by others.
_______________________The Theater Board
_______________________The Musical Director
The two greatest days in a theater persons life, the day you start a new show and the day the damn thing closes.
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bullet Posted: 10/03/07 at 9:44pm

This would have nothing to do with your request, as we are precluded from from paying fees as such.
This is something I used when directing 'A Chorus Line' & funnily enough it worked well!


This is a mutual obligation and agreement of conduct by the undersigned, in accord with Theatre Policy, as it is deemed from to time.
By the acceptance of particaption, that all those choosen, as defined by the date of signing hereto, in the production &/or event
Shall become a recognised as a financial member of the theatre, in the prescibed manner.
I further agree to being punctual in attendance to all scheduled meeting, rehearsals, performances or other events that are as agreed &/or deemed a normal course of practice for the type of production/event season.
I realise it is my responsibility, as the participant, to advise immediatly of any possible or unaviodable delay in attendance &/or by giving prior adaquate notice of any other occasion that may arise.
In the manner prescribed, at the commencement of the production/event process.
Except in emergency situations that are deemed an acceptable occurance.
That this & any other unsuitable conduct of the participant may result in suspention or exclution.
Pursuant to conduct of that deemed unbecoming a member &/or participant.
I understand the reasons for this policy & the obligations applied by this agreemant.
In accord with the Incorporation Act Constitution it's subsiquent policy, orginisational rules & regulations of the Theatre Inc.
Signed;- ................................................
Date;- ...................................................,
{ There are 3 basic types of Contracts.
Each are enforceable, however it is a decending rorder of importance & the ability to proove in court the agreement.
Implied being the most difficult to proove.}

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